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  2015 Advanced Tree Measuring Workshop
  Advanced Tree Measuring Workshop
  Advanced Tree Measuring Workshop
  Advanced Tree Measuring Workshop
  Advanced Tree Measuring Workshop

April 16-17, 2015

Cook Forest State Park, in conjunction with the Native Tree Society (NTS), American Forests (AF) and Laser Technology, Inc. (LTI), will host a two-day Advanced Tree Measuring Workshop to the public and forest resource professionals  focusing on learning the latest and most accurate methods of measuring big, tall, and noteworthy trees of Cook Forest and the Eastern United States.

April 16th will be a general workshop for those wanting to learn how to measure trees using advanced equipment and methods. The workshop will include a morning lecture and afternoon exercises in the field. Members from the Native Tree Society and American Forests will be available to conduct the lecture and field events.  

April 17th will be for people who wish to continue and become American Forests National Cadre members. The National Cadre consists of people who have advanced tree-measuring skills. The Coordinator of the American Forests Big Tree Program calls on members to certify nominations to the National Register of Champion Trees, train new Cadre members, settle disputes over competing candidates, develop new measuring methods, and test new equipment.

New Cadre members will begin as apprentices. Most will progress to be fully competent in all aspects of tree measuring. The April 17th program is designed to train apprentices and will be conducted by current National Cadre members.

Location:  Cook Forest State Park, Log Cabin Inn Environmental Learning Classroom

Registration:   *Cost is free, but registration required.  30 participant limit.  To register, please contact Dale Luthringer at (814)744-8475 or e-mail

Accreditation:  Society of American Forests and International Society of Arboriculture credits available.

Agenda for April 16

  • 900-915am 'Welcome', by Dale Luthringer, Environmental Educational Specialist, Cook Forest State Park (EES CFSP)
  • 915-1115am 'Introduction to Tree Measuring', by Robert T. Leverett, The Native Tree Society
  • 1115am LUNCH (please pack lunch, light refreshments provided)
  • 100-400pm 'Field Exercises: Introduce advanced equipment and tree measuring',  by Robert Leverett, Dale Luthringer, NTS, AF, and LTI members
  • 400-415-pm 'Summary of lessons learned' by Robert T. Leverett (NTS) and others
  • 415-430pm  'Conclusion' by Dale Luthringer (EES CFSP)

Agenda for April 17

  • 900-910am 'Welcome' by Dale Luthringer (EES CFSP)
  • 910-930am 'Welcome: Explanation of the National Cadre' by representative of American Forests
  • 930-945am 'Assign existing Cadre trainer to each trainee'
  • 945-1145am 'Field Exercises: Advanced Measuring Skills & Testing' by Robert T. Leverett, Dale Luthringer, and NTS members
  • 1145am LUNCH (please pack lunch, light refreshments provided)
  • 115-315pm 'Field Exercises: Advanced Measuring Skills & Testing (cont.)'   
  • 315-415pm 'Review Exercise Results' , by each Cadre trainer and trainee
  • 415-430pm 'Concluding Comments' , by representative of American Forests and Robert T. Leverett

Skill Set Development:

Methods for measuring tree height and error resolution, proficiency in locating tree top, trunk circumference measurements, methods for measuring crown spread, computing champion tree points, mathematical knowledge & problem solving

Resource professionals have the opportunity to earn credits for the following credentials per day:

Society of American Foresters =5.5 credits
International Society of Arboriculture = BCMA-Mgmt 1.5, BCMA-Science & Practice 2, Certified Arborist 5.5, Municipal Specialist 5.5, TW Climber Specialist 5.5


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