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  Taking Pictures in the Great Outdoors of Cook Forest
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Whether you're a casual shooter with a point-and-click camera, Cook Forest offers plenty of scenery to focus on! Two popular photographic subjects are the Clarion River and the Seneca Point overlook, but there's certainly lots more to explore. In fact, to fully capture the essence of Cook Forest - including wildlife, vegetation, fungi, trails, trees, rocks, scenic vistas, and so forth - you could spend weeks and still have subject matter to spare.

Shooting in the woods

Some gear you'll likely need includes:

  • Tripod or monopod - for steadiness at low shutter speeds
  • Telephoto lens - great for photos of wildlife or down-river shots
  • Wide angle lens - useful for capturing trail and landscape scenes
  • Extra batteries and storage cards
  • Insect repellent

Keep in mind:

  • Many areas will challenge your ability to work with available natural light, especially in the deeper woods where dark forest areas are punctuated by bright sunlight through the trees.
  • You can often get better nature shots right after a moderate rain - the moisture gives everything a glistening, fresh appearance
  • You can get great results shooting in certain areas right from your car window. Just make sure you shoot at a fast enough speed so that the vibration doesn't blur your images
  • Be careful about your footing in mossy areas as it can get slippery
  • Be respectful about Park property and rules, and also private property. The State Park borders on private property in many places and when you see "Posted" signs, that means stay off unless you have permission.
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Whitetailed Deer
We'll See You Soon in Cook Forest


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