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  Feeding Wildlife - A Vicious Cycle
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Human intervention into the diets of deer, geese, and bear in particular pose serious problems with wildlife management.


Feeding Wildlife - A Vicious Cycle

  People feed wildlife to lure the animals closer for photography or because they think the animals are hungry
Wildlife becomes dependent on people for food and stops looking for natural food. These handouts often have little nutritional value.
  Wild animals approach people looking for handouts. This leads to conflicts between wildlife and people. Many wild animals are lured into areas too small to support them
  Wild animals that rely on human food raid garbage cans and coolers and wander out onto the road
Wild animals overeat the vegitation in the area including shrubs and gardens.


Feeding Deer lures too many deer into an area with insufficient food. When the handouts end (often in winter) there is not enough food for the deer to survive. Plus, most food provided does not supply appropriate nutrients and leads to unhealthy animals.


Feeding geese coaxes geese to stay in their summer range year round. When natural food sources disappear in winter, geese depend completely on people for food. Feeding geese can cause them to become dependent on handouts after only three years. Also, a large concentration of geese creates an increase in droppings. This unsanitary accumulation can raise bacterial levels in streams and lakes that can cause health concerns.

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Whitetailed Deer
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