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Author: Leah   
My hubby and I have acquired six acres to build a cabin near the Deer Park. Can't wait to get started on it. last time I was at the site a Air force jet passed over very low and scared the crap of me! Are there Air Force Jets flying often overhead?
Author: angie   
I had a great time at the 2013 Cookforest 5 k. I still havent seen any pictures. Will they be posted soon? Thank You
Author: Tina Tennant   
I learned about Cook Forest in one of my college classes yesterday. We have a open talk before class begins. I was asking about horse back riding and wanted to know if anyone knew of a place you could rent horses.(I have 3 grandsons and would love to take them). That is when Jenn spoke up and said what a beautiful place cook forest is and how much my grandkids would love it. So i am planning a trip to cooks forest this summer.
Author: Jim   
Trout Season weekend trip to camp. Dinner Thursday night at the Trail's End! cant wait.
Author: maribeth and michael shumway   
cook forest and all its beauty has been a part of my family for generations. we have two cabins in clarington and spend all our leasure time there - it is alot of work but worth it!! for many many years it has been a part of us and my husband and sisters are now instilling that in our younger ones. we are trying to teach them the respect and wonder we all have for our places in cook forest!!!
Author: S. Tardio   
About the sign on the road into the firetower. I was wondering the same thing last fall when I made my last ride to the firetower for the season. Why is the sign gone?
Author: Elizabeth   
I love it so much like seriously it's February and I'm making a list of events during 4th of July week and my whole entire family goes up and it's my favorite thing to do and I like going to the fire tower 9 it's so beautiful around there I stay at cabins usually on greenwood rd. and it's just ah to hard to explain it means a lot to me up there and my cousins own like 4 cabins up there and there really nice!! 2 of them are the nest and pheasants roost I really reccomend staying there I've stayed at both and there super nice there's even trails you can go on beside the house really pretty in summer! Okay that's it I love there !
Author: Gerald Luke   
Look's like a nice place to camp. I travel on a motorcycle with a camper in tow would love to visit in 2013
Author: Cas   
We loved the place, exactly what we were looking for :)
Author: RichS   
Do you have a photograph the park sign, seen along fire tower/Seneca Point road, in the 60-70s which read something like: 'At the turn of the century, fire destroyed this area... growth here is still slow' ? I remember seeing this sign as a child, and it is long gone, but not forgotten. I hate when history disappears. Can someone please post a picture of it here ?
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Whitetailed Deer
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